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Tips for a successful shoot:


Eat first:

          Making sure that you and your family are well fed right before a photo session will keep everyone cheerful for long periods of time. If you or your children have a favorite snack, bring it along. Lots of water is a good idea too.


Dress light:

          Please select outfits with simple or no pattern, busy patterns take away from the focus of the photo. Please bring an extra set of clothing for children, expecting kids to be kids and encouraging play makes for some amazing photos that will bring happy memories for years to come.


Be involved:

          Bring your ideas and share them, these are your photos. Don’t hesitate to be actively involved in making sure you get the images you want.


Bring props:

          Bring along small items that hold special memories. For children, having a favorite blanket or toy can make the photo session less stressful. Having a framed photo of a loved one can create a very emotional portrait.